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Surgical Video: Robotic Endo Resection with Superficial Rectal Resection


Dr Nicholas Fogelson of Pearl Women’s Center in Portland, OR demonstrates resection of severe bilateral pelvic endometriosis with superficially invasive anterior rectal wall disease.

Dr Fogelson is available for clinical consultation through Pearl Women’s Center in Portland, OR. 503-771-1883.


Surgical Video -Ovarian Suspension for Endometriosis Resection

Dr Nicholas Fogelson of Pearl Women’s Center in Portland, OR demonstrates a technique for temporary ovarian suspension. This technique is useful for lifting the ovaries off the pelvic sidewall, exposing the area for treatment of endometriosis or other pathology.


Surgical Video – Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy for 2 Kg Uterus

This video demonstrates and discussed technique for performance of a supracervical hysterectomy in a massive fibroid uterus, 2 kilograms in size. This procedure was performed in the Pearl Surgicenter in Portland, OR by Drs. Nicholas Fogelson and Richard Rosenfield.

Please call us at 503-771-1883 for clinical consultation for any gynecologic concern, including complex laparoscopy as well as complex endometriosis management.

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Surgical Video: Resection of Rectal Endometriosis

This video discusses  a case involving partial thickness colonic/rectal endometriosis with severe pain with defecation.  The video demonstrates dissection technique for bowel mobilization and resection of the lesion, as well as generalized intraperitoneal and retroperitoneal dissection techniques.
For clinical consultation with Dr Fogelson in Portland, OR, contact Pearl Women’s Center at 503-771-1883


Academic OB/GYN Videos – Stage I Endometriosis Resection

September 23, 2015 2 comments

This is a video describing and demonstrating technique for resection of stage I endometriosis, performed and narrated by Dr Nicholas Fogelson of Pearl Women’s Center in Portland, OR.  Drs Fogelson and Rosenfield are available for clinical consultation, seeing patients from Portland, the Pacific Northwest, and around world.

New Surgical Video: Robotic Hysterectomy with Stage IV Endometriosis

December 26, 2013 3 comments

This is an edited video of a robotic hysterectomy and salpingoopherectomy in a patient with stage IV endometriosis, with bilateral endometrioma, cul de sac obliteration, and severe retroperitoneal fibrosis. The video demonstrates ureterolysis, dissection of ovarian vessels from the ureter, and management of colpotomy in the setting of dense adhesions.

For clinical consultation with Dr Fogelson, call Pearl Women’s Center in Portland, OR at (503) 771-1883 or send email to


Addendum in 2016 – This is a great surgical anatomy video, and shows how to get into the right spaces to complete a hysterectomy laparoscopically in stage IV endometriosis.  That said, it also shows a surgeon failing to resect everything they can.  With ovaries removed a patient like this will do very well, but it would have been possible to remove more disease as well, which may have improved long term symptoms.

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New Surgical Video: Difficult Robotic Hysterectomy

This video shows a particularly difficult robotic hysterectomy, complicated by severe inflammatory adhesive disease of the left paravesical space. This case demonstrates retroperitoneal anatomy and key strategies for dealing with complicated hysterectomies.

For consultation with Dr Fogelson please call Pearl Women’s Center (503) 771-1883
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