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Blog and podcast on hiatus for a bit

January 19, 2010 4 comments

Hello Friends/Tweeps/Readers/Listeners

Due to a death in the family I have not had much time recently to work on the blog and podcast.  I have not forgotten you all and all the support you have given, and am committed to making 2010 the biggest year yet for Academic OB/GYN!   But for the moment, it is on break.   I hope to get back to it in the next 3-4 weeks.

Be well,

Nicholas Fogelson, MD

An Obstetrical Analysis of “The Christmas Miracle”

January 10, 2010 35 comments

Dr Onyeije

By Nicholas Fogelson, M.D. and Chukwuma Onyeije, M.D.

Early reports described the story of Tracy Hermanstorfer as a “Christmas Miracle”. It has also been described as  inspiring, heartwarming, and “wonderfully appropriate for the season.” Others have referred to her saga as a nightmare with a happy ending.

On Christmas Eve 2009, Ms. Hermanstorfer was admitted to Memorial Hospital in Colorado Spring, Colorado after her water broke.  Ms. Hermanstorfer suffered a cardiac arrest during labor with her child Colton.  After immediate resuscitative efforts failed, nearby Maternal Fetal Medicine physician (Dr Stephanie Martin) performed an emergency cesarean section.  In the minutes following the delivery, Ms Hermanstorfer regained circulation and breathing, and is now doing well. Her infant also went on to survive and is apparently well.

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