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Truelearn Question of the Month for October

TrueLearn-Logos-OB-GYN TrueLearn is a web based platform for learning material to improve performance on standardized medical exams, with platforms for specific specialties as well as general medical boards.  In OB/GYN TrueLearn offers question banks for CREOGS, ABOG boards, as well as general OB/GYN question banks.  In each case, the online questions exactly simulate the computer environment you will see when you actually take the test as well.

TrueLearn also allows you to track your performance over time, as well as compare you performance to other doctors and students preparing for the same exam, both on a global level and specific to each question.  It’s a great too that will no doubt be of tremendous use to the thousands of students and physicians who take OB/GYN related exams each year.

Each month, we do a TrueLearn Question of the Month, both on the blog and on the podcast.

Academic OB/GYN readers and listeners can also get a 10% discount on the product by using the promo code “ACADEMICOBGYN” when they order.


A 37 year old G6P2042 female patients arrives for her annual screening visit.  She has no new complaints or problems.  She has a family history of breast, uterine, fallopian tube, pancreatic, lung, colon, liver, and prostate cancer.  Which of theses cancers listed is NOT associated with BRCA 1 mutation?


A. Breast tumors

B. Fallopian Tube Tumors

C. Lung Tumors

D. Peritoneum Tumors

E. Prostate cancer

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