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New Surgical Video: Difficult Robotic Hysterectomy

This video shows a particularly difficult robotic hysterectomy, complicated by severe inflammatory adhesive disease of the left paravesical space. This case demonstrates retroperitoneal anatomy and key strategies for dealing with complicated hysterectomies.

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Signs Your Manuscript is Not Fit for Publication

I recently had a manuscript rejected a second time.  It gave me a few thoughts on what signs may mean that your manuscript will just never be accepted.

These are signs that your manuscript may not be fit for publication:

1) Your manuscript has been rejected so many times that the impact factor of the journal your are now submitting to is lower than the p value of your results.

2)  You were just accepted for publication, but the editors have asked that prior to publication the manuscript be translated into Urdu.

3) Your last rejection letter included a suggestion that your manuscript be changed from a description of a randomized controlled trial to an comedic editorial.

4) You receive a solicitation for publication by The Journal of Irreproducible Results

5) You are now submitting to a journal that is peer reviewed by chimpanzees.

6) They have rejected your manuscript for insufficient banana content.

7) Instead of a form letter thanking your for your effort and desire to publish, the editors write you to tell you that your submissions are no longer welcome.

8) Unless they include bananas.

9) You are considering submitting  to Cat Fancy.

10) You have decided that it’s far easier to publish via blog post.

There’s always Southern Medical Journal.

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