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An Update on Delayed Cord Clamping, and Thoughts on Internet Expertise

December 14, 2011 49 comments

Two years ago, I penned a post entitled “Delayed Cord Clamping Should be Standard Practice in Obstetrics”, which was read by many.  Later I gave a grand rounds on the topic, which was viewed by many.  In doing so, I contributed to a growing movement towards delaying cord clamping after the birth of preterm and term neonates.  This was all well and good.  But something else happened as well.

In the eyes of many, I became an “Expert in Delayed Cord Clamping”, worth quoting to others, and even name dropped as some sort of trump card – “Well, Dr Fogelson says….”  So let me set the record straight.  I am not an expert in delayed cord clamping, if such a person even exists.   I am certainly not an activist for the idea, not am I sure that such activism could be justified in the literature.

What I am is this:

1. An educated person with access to the literature and training in interpretation of medical research.
2. A physician with intellectual expertise in maternal health, and first hand experience in its practice
3. A person with a platform where his opinion would be heard.


4. A person who chose to express said opinion on that platform.

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