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Healthcare “Onstage” at Disney’s Celebration Health

August 28, 2010 16 comments

I recently had a chance to visit Celebration, FL, a town initially created by the Walt Disney company as an attempt to realize Walt Disney’s original dream of EPCOT, or the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.  EPCOT was Disney’s idea of a perfect community – no crime, no unemployment, and every family with 2.3 above average children.  That perfect community was created to some extent at Disney’s EPCOT theme park, but never became what Walt really intended – perhaps because his ideal image was a little too, well, Disney.   However, long after Walt’s death a somewhat more realistic, if still a little Truman Show, version of EPCOT came to fruition – Celebration.

Celebration is a fascinating place.  In some ways it is bizarre – assuming that one has never seen a town where every lawn is mowed on the same day, there is not a speck of flaking paint, the shrubbery is all perfectly trimmed, and everything is 50% more expensive than it should be.  But in other ways, it is an amazing accomplishment – a community truly in the image of the Disney idea.  A community Onstage.  Particularly at its hospital.

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