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Why Pro-Choice is Losing

Lately I’ve been troubled by how badly the pro-choice movement has been doing.   Here in South Carolina we are continuously dealing with legislation to limit access to abortion.  This year a 24 hour waiting period law was passed, and the state legislature is almost ready to sign in a law that prevents state funding for any abortion, even in cases of maternal jeopardy, rape and incest.   Nationwide, abortion is under attack in many states, and in some cases progress is being made to limit access.

One of the things that bothers me is that I don’t see this trend improving, at least not until some major changes are made in the pro-choice movement.  Right now, anti-choice is wiping the floor with pro-choice.  Pro-choice is always on the defensive, and never on the offensive.  Prochoice is tending goal and Prolife is always taking shots.  This can only go on so long before one gets in the net, and we’ve been seeing that happen lately.
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