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Micro Tort-Reform: A potential solution to the VBAC Liability Issue

While the NIH Conference on VBAC behind us, the blogosphere continues active discussion of this important issue.  I’ve been involved in this discussion a bit over at Science and Sensibility.

Here’s the message I am getting from a lot of folks strongly in favor of VBAC rights and availability.

The choice to VBAC is an informed refusal of a intervention.  There should be no “right” required to have it.  Hospitals should not be allowed to refuse VBAC attempts, as this is the same as requiring a woman to have an elective surgery.

I hear a general feeling that the risk of uterine rupture is overstated, as is the likelihood of a severe adverse outcome if a rupture occurs.

I hear a general feeling that the short and long term risks of repeat cesarean deliveries are overstated.

I think these are good messages.  I agree with women should be be free to refuse repeat cesarean delivery, even in hospitals that do not have 24 hour anesthesia access and 24 hour OB coverage.  As long as this refusal is informed, it should be a woman’s right.  I also agree that the risks of VBAC are overstated by many, and the risks of repeat cesarean are understated by many.

The problem is liability.

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