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A bit about Receiver Operator Curves and Cesarean Delivery

December 28, 2009 14 comments

In a few posts I have mentioned Reciever Operator Curves (ROC), and a few folks have asked what I mean, so I want to explain it.  This is an extremely important concept in medicine, and in decision making in general.  Unfortunately, it is also quite complex.  So complex in fact, that it is possible to explain an ROC in very high end mathematical speaking, such that few would understand (and yes, it can get over my head as well.)  To see this kind of explanation, check out the Wikipedia entry on the ROC.  But I want to try to make it a little simpler.

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Academic OB/GYN Podcast Episode 14 – Cardiovascular Disease Markers in Women

December 28, 2009 3 comments

In this episode I interview Dr Paul Ridker from Brigham and Women’s hospital about the JUPITER trial, a randomized trial of statins for prevention of cardiac events in people with elevated C-Reactive Protein who do not have hyperlipedemia.  Dr Ridker is hugely published as was on Time Magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential People.   We discuss not only his work, but academic medicine in general.  It was a great discussion that I hope you enjoy!

Academic OB/GYN Episode 14 – Cardiovascular Disease Markers in Women

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