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Podcasts remastered for improved audio quality

Hello Friends!

I have been aware that some of the podcast episodes did not have great audio quality.  This was all  my fault, not being an audio engineer and lacking experience with this.

Over time I have learned how to do this stuff better, and audio quality in the podcasts has improved in general, and should continue to improve.

I have gone back through the old podcasts, and in most cases have substantially improved their audio quality, including increasing volume on the ones that were too quiet (including the recent Episode 7 which was way too quiet.)   So if you downloaded them before and chose not to listen because of objectionable audio quality, I invite you to delete what you have and redownload the improved versions.  The content is great and worth listening to!


Nicholas Fogelson, MD

Academic OB/GYN


PS. Episode 3, it seems, is beyond repair.  But Dr Robinson is still worth listening to if you can stand the static.

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