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Academic OB/GYN Podcast Episode 4 – Robotic Surgery

September 29, 2007 Leave a comment

Academic OB/GYN Episode 4 – Robotic Surgery

In this episode we talk to Dr Daniel Elliott of the Mayo Clinic about his experience and research with robotic surgery. We touch on the practicality, economics, and advantages of robotic surgery, as well as the role of video game playing in laparoscopic aptitude. I finish the podcast with a rant on why we need a new system for distributing our research results. Enjoy

SMFM, alas I once knew you

September 26, 2007 Leave a comment

I got an abstract rejected from 2008 SMFM this week. What the hell? It was a paper looking at outcomes in second trimester abortion stratified by different anesthesia type. It was properly done and everything, with stats, regression analysis, and snappy writing. I didn’t really want to go to Dallas anyway – though I may go to report for the blog.

How did ya’ll do? If you got something accepted or rejected, let us know! And stay tuned for more podcasts coming soon.

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Create a graphic for our podcast!

The podcast is getting more popular every day, and I’d like to see us rise in the “Medicine” popularity list on iTunes! The problem is that the podcast only qualifies to be on the list if it has a unique graphic. I’m a terrible artist, so I’m asking ya’ll to contribute. If you are an artist designer and would like to contribute, send me a graphic that you think would be good for the podcast listing. If I get several submissions I’ll pick the best one and recognize all contributors. Send your submissions to

Nick Fogelson

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