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Welcome to Academic OB/GYN!

August 7, 2007 2 comments

Hello World!

Today launches the start of a new blog, Academic OB/GYN. This blog exists to provide a place for academic OB/GYN physicians to discuss current articles, management strategies, research ideas, or anything else that comes to mind. These sorts of discussions are often limited to major meetings that only occur a few times a year. With the internet, these discussions can happen anytime and anywhere, and hopefully this blog can facilitate that.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be posting articles about current articles in the literature, interesting ideas from my clinical practice, fun stories that come up in the life of an academic physician, or whatever else comes to mind. Please comment on whatever peaks your interest and start the dialog! If you want to be a contributor to this blog (write original posts), send a message to and I’ll set it up.

Some of you have been driven to this site because you heard about it on the Academic OB/GYN podcast. If so welcome! If not, look into the podcast and subscribe. The podcast is an audio version of my occasionally insightful ramblings, and usually includes discussion with giants (or at least ogres) of our field on current topics and articles. If you are a giant (or giant wanna-be) in our field and want to talk about your research on the podcast, email me at and you can be on the podcast.

Again welcome – I hope you enjoy the blog.

Nicholas Fogelson, MD

Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Hawai’i

Disclaimer – the Department of Ob/GYN at the University of Hawai’i does not specifically endorse this blog. But mentioning it gives me a little credibility, right?

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